• drafting and negotiation of IT contracts and business relationships, including SaaS
  • registration of trademarks and copyrights
  • licensing of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets
  • advertising review/FTC compliance
  • drafting and negotiation of all contracts related to the product life cycle, including manufacturing, sales, advertising, and distribution
  • broker and independent sales representative contracts
  • counseling and strategic planning for protection of intellectual property
  • product manufacturers and service providers
  • wholesale and retail distributors
  • software developers and users
  • direct response retailers

We negotiate and draft contracts related to:

  • product distribution and marketing
  • software development and distribution
  • intellectual property licensing
  • domain name protection and website design
  • business process outsourcing
  • false advertising
  • trademark and trade dress infringement
  • breach of contract
  • creditors rights and bankruptcy.

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We provide large firm quality representation at small firm rates. Low overhead permits us to tailor the cost to the client and reach a mutually beneficial arrangement regardless of the size or complexity of the matter.